Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista was born out of a shared vision to inspire newfound delight in familiar spaces.

Dear friends Susanne Pruitt and Shelley Callaghan founded Antica Farmacista in 2003, a luxury home fragrance brand based in Seattle. Deeply committed to transportive, artfully composed fragrances, Pruitt and Callaghan also drew inspiration from timeless interiors to source elegant vessels for their offerings. Luxury, they felt, must be evocative of an old world, time-honored craft, but should also meld with your sensibility. Fragrance as an extension of your personal style and environment, fragrance to make you feel good.

Antica Farmacista was the first brand to introduce the home ambiance diffuser to the US market, a method which offers remarkable sillage. This unique delivery technology was a breakthrough—sustainable, effective, and effortless. The Antica Farmacista collection currently comprises over 20 alluring home fragrances, extending to bath and body products. 2021 will see the launch of our personal perfume collection Antica Facets, a decade in the making, the frontier of our approach to scent as it touches skin.

Antica Farmacista’s offerings are displayed in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, including The Beverly Hill Hotel, The Four Seasons and Hotel Bel-Air. More importantly they’re in the homes of our cherished community, accompanying your celebrations, your meditations, your kitchen creations, and your quiet sunday mornings. Share how you create your memorable #MyAntica scent moments in your daily rhythms.

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